Our SEO marketing strategy is time-tested and tailored to the unique elements of your business. We’ve spent the last 23 years leveraging the internet to grow all kinds of businesses, so whether you’re a roofer, lawyer, or foundation repair company, we have the experience and knowledge to take your business to the next level!

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Expert SEO Strategists for Holistic Practitioners

Mind Body Digital Media provides a comprehensive array of SEO marketing services, tailor-made for holistic practitioners in various stages of their practice growth. Our solutions are scalable, ensuring the most cost-effective and productive SEO marketing services available. Our clients range from small home offices to large, established practices, all benefiting from our expertise.

Our team, with over 100 years of combined experience, develops holistic SEO campaigns that address all key elements of SEO. This includes expert content optimization, technical SEO, off-site SEO, business citations, and optimized Google My Business listings. Improvements in search rankings are typically seen within the first month of service, facilitating the growth of your holistic practice.

We pride ourselves on customer service, providing you with a dedicated account manager for prompt, direct communication. Our commitment is to be a beacon of light in the SEO industry for holistic practitioners, with our services priced at an accessible level. With our industry-leading guarantee, we assure that your website will experience organic ranking and traffic increases through ethical, effective strategies.

Local SEO

Mind Body Digital Marketing's Local SEO services are custom-built to support holistic practitioners serving local to multi-state communities. We focus on optimizing your presence for keywords related to your services in conjunction with local geographical terms. For instance, "Austin Acupuncturist" or "Chicago Chiropractor". Our strategy incorporates the building of local business citations and optimizing Google My Business listings, ensuring your practice is found by potential patients in your area.

National SEO

Mind Body Digital Marketing's National SEO services are tailored to empower holistic practitioners serving a local or national audience. This strategy, unlike our Local SEO services, aims to enhance both national and local search rankings. For instance, "Online Reiki Healing" or "California Naturopaths". Our approach includes the creation of business citations from national and local sources and optimizing Google My Business listings, ensuring your practice's visibility across the country.

Holistic Practice SEO

Enterprise SEO for Holistic Centers: Mind Body Digital Marketing's Enterprise SEO services are structured to support holistic health centers operating on a national or international level, or those with complex local operations. These can include large-scale wellness centers or conglomerates of multiple practices. We aim at competitive national keyword phrases like "holistic healthcare center" or "natural health solutions," catering to websites that are larger in scope, ranging from dozens to hundreds of pages.

Why Our SEO Services Excel in the Wellness Industry

Unrivaled Keyword Research

Factoring in the unique characteristics of your practice and website content, our SEO experts assemble a portfolio of words and phrases that potential clients are using in their search for your holistic services. We strategically integrate these keywords into your website to boost traffic and elevate your rankings in the holistic wellness sphere.

Optimized Technical SEO

Our seasoned SEO professionals conduct a thorough examination of your website for any functionality aspects that could impede a user-friendly experience, encompassing aspects like site speed, mobile compatibility, SSL security, and more! Subsequently, we provide insightful recommendations to help you cultivate an outstanding user experience on your site, tailored specifically for the needs of the holistic wellness community.

Content Enhancement

Once we've identified the most pertinent and effective keywords for your website, we integrate them smoothly and purposefully into your content. This strategic adjustment boosts your website's visibility on search engine results pages, placing you above your competitors and directly in the sight of potential clients in the holistic health community. Stand out with our content enhancement services and let your holistic practice shine!

Link Building

Our adept digital marketing team ensures your website is prominently listed in top-tier and contextually relevant online directories. We don't stop there; we ensure your holistic practice is also featured in voice recognition directories, such as Apple's Siri, as well as mobile and GPS databases. This way, potential clients can locate your services effortlessly, regardless of how or where they initiate their search

On-Site SEO Optimization

We boost your visibility in search engine rankings by strategically inserting top-tier keywords into your website's title tags, meta descriptions, and overall content. Furthermore, our team provides insightful content recommendations, such as proposing new content to captivate your audience or identifying duplicate or subpar content that needs refining or removal. It's all about enhancing your site's appeal to both your audience and search engines.

Off-Site SEO Optimization

Our services extend beyond your website, focusing on refining your Google My Business (GMB) listing to enhance your online presence. We meticulously manage and optimize your GMB listing, ensuring comprehensive details that make it effortless for prospective clients to discover your practice online. By making your listing as thorough as possible, we give Google ample reasons to prioritize your GMB over your competitors!

eCommerce SEO Services

Do you operate an online wellness store? Our seasoned team has extensive experience in executing SEO for numerous eCommerce platforms, perfectly positioning us to enhance your store's visibility. Whether it's category pages or individual product listings, we design comprehensive SEO strategies that aim to bolster sales across your complete inventory. Elevate your online store's presence with our tailored eCommerce SEO solutions.

Lead Tracking Services:

Utilizing industry-leading tools such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, we efficiently trace the origin of leads originating from paid ads, SEO initiatives, and social networks. Our commitment is to empower you with insightful data that aids you in optimizing your marketing investments. Maximize your marketing ROI with our precise lead tracking services.

Our Process – Why Ongoing SEO?

As part of our commitment to you, our primary goal is to demonstrate a consistent improvement in your online rankings each month. We operate with a performance guarantee that assures this growth. To meet this pledge, we embrace a "do whatever it takes" approach when managing your ongoing SEO needs, customized specifically to your holistic practice.

Depending on your site's requirements at any given moment, our team might focus on creating additional business listings, optimizing SEO landing pages, resolving technical site issues (such as duplicate content or poorly configured robots.txt files), or enhancing your Google My Business listings, among others. We're capable of tackling an extensive range of tasks each month, always choosing the ones that will bring the most benefit to your holistic practice's visibility.

This flexibility and adaptability set us apart from many SEO firms that stick to rigid schedules, often wasting time on unbroken elements rather than prioritizing what will yield the best results. With our profound understanding of technical SEO, we are capable of accurately diagnosing where our efforts will be most beneficial. In the evolving landscape of digital marketing for holistic practitioners, we're the strategic partner you need for success.

1. Initiating Your Campaign

Your assigned account manager will meticulously prepare your website for optimization, ensuring it's secure and ready for our bespoke strategies. In collaboration with you, we'll devise the ideal strategy for location targeting and perform comprehensive keyword research, tailored specifically for the holistic healthcare sector.

2. Tailored Optimization

Our SEO specialists will apply their expertise, conducting meticulous keyword research, and then integrating these select keywords judiciously throughout your website. This intentional placement is designed to boost your search engine rankings, making your holistic practice more visible to potential clients.

3. Robust Connection Building

Our team will assure your practice's presence across numerous online directories, mobile and voice databases, and GPS systems. This broad-spectrum visibility strategy ensures your holistic services can be found across multiple platforms, extending your reach to prospective clients.

4. Open Dialogue

Your personal account manager will maintain consistent communication, providing timely updates and detailed reports regarding your campaign's progress. You can count on them to respond swiftly to your inquiries or concerns, ensuring a smooth journey throughout our partnership


5. Campaign Evaluation

In a collaborative effort, we will continuously assess your campaign's performance, keeping you updated and providing strategic recommendations to enhance visibility on search engines, all backed by comprehensive data analysis.

6. Technical Assessment

Our SEO team periodically evaluates your website's speed, mobile compatibility, and security, ensuring an optimal online patient experience.

7. Continuous Enhancement

Our work doesn't stop once your SEO campaign is in motion. We continually refine our strategies, ensuring your online presence keeps pace with evolving search engine algorithms and trends.

8. Monthly Insights

Every month, we deliver a comprehensive report showcasing your site's progress. With our intuitive reporting system, tracking the growth in rankings, traffic, and other key performance indicators becomes a breeze.


Advantages of Comprehensive SEO Solutions for Holistic Practitioners

We offer full-service SEO marketing programs. For most clients, we are hands-on, implementing our SEO efforts directly on our client’s websites. You do not need to pass our work on to a web designer or IT team. For corporations needing all content to be monitored and approved, we can work directly with your production team to integrate our SEO recommendations. We share what we know and we have no secrets, and will explain the particulars behind the work we execute.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on enhancing your online presence to improve organic search engine visibility. It's a technique that optimizes your holistic practice's website and online directories, aligning them with search engine standards, thereby boosting organic keyword rankings and making it easier for potential patients to discover you.

What are the key components involved in SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, entails a variety of strategic practices designed to boost your holistic practice's visibility on search engines. This includes conducting keyword research to identify the terms your potential patients are searching for, optimizing your website's content and technical structure to align with these keywords, and enhancing off-site factors like quality backlinks, social signals, and directory listings. SEO also involves regular monitoring and adjustment to align with search engine algorithm updates and maintain optimal performance. The ultimate goal of SEO is to improve your website's organic ranking on search engines like Google, thereby driving more traffic to your site and increasing the likelihood of attracting and retaining patients.

How does SEO differ from Paid Advertising?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Paid Advertising are two distinct approaches to online marketing. SEO focuses on improving organic search engine rankings through various optimization techniques and content strategies. It involves optimizing website structure, keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and other practices to enhance visibility and attract organic traffic.

On the other hand, Paid Advertising, also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, involves running targeted ads on search engines or other platforms and paying for each click received. Unlike SEO, where the rankings are organic and based on relevance, paid ads appear at the top or bottom of search engine results pages or on other websites, with placement determined by bidding and ad relevance.

While SEO is a long-term strategy that requires ongoing efforts to improve organic visibility, paid advertising offers immediate visibility and control over ad placement. Both approaches have their advantages and can complement each other in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Is a one-time website optimization enough for effective SEO?

No, a one-time website optimization is not sufficient for long-term and effective SEO. SEO is an ongoing process that requires continuous monitoring, analysis, and adjustments to keep up with search engine algorithms and competition.

While a one-time optimization can provide initial improvements to your website's structure, content, and meta tags, it won't address the evolving nature of search engine rankings. SEO involves regular content updates, keyword research, link building, technical optimizations, and other strategies to maintain and improve organic visibility over time.

To achieve sustainable results, it's crucial to invest in ongoing SEO efforts, including monitoring website performance, analyzing data, adapting to algorithm changes, and refining optimization strategies. By continually optimizing your website and keeping up with SEO best practices, you can enhance your online presence, attract more organic traffic, and stay ahead of your competitors in search engine rankings.

What is the timeline for seeing results from SEO efforts?

The timeline for seeing results from SEO can vary depending on various factors. It's important to note that SEO is a long-term strategy that requires consistent effort and patience. While some improvements may be noticeable within a few weeks or months, achieving significant results typically takes time.

Search engines need to crawl and index your website, analyze its relevance and authority, and compare it to other websites in search rankings. This process can take several weeks or even months. Additionally, the level of competition in your industry, the competitiveness of the keywords you're targeting, and the quality and consistency of your SEO efforts can influence the timeline for results.

Building a strong foundation for SEO, including optimizing website content, improving site structure, and acquiring high-quality backlinks, is a gradual process. It's important to continuously monitor and analyze your SEO performance, make necessary adjustments, and refine your strategies over time.

While there is no fixed timeline for SEO results, investing in consistent and high-quality SEO practices can lead to significant improvements in organic rankings, website traffic, and conversions over the long term. It's crucial to approach SEO as a continuous effort rather than a quick fix, understanding that the rewards are often worth the time and investment.

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about their experience working with us:

  • "Working with Mind Body Digital Marketing has been a game-changer for my practice. Their expertise in SEO and digital marketing has significantly boosted my online visibility and patient engagement." - Dr. Sarah Thompson, Holistic Practitioner

  • "Mind Body Digital Marketing exceeded my expectations with their personalized approach and results-driven strategies. My website traffic and conversions have skyrocketed, thanks to their diligent efforts." - John Anderson, CEO of Wellness Solutions Inc.

  • "I have worked with several marketing agencies in the past, but Mind Body Digital Marketing stands out from the rest. Their deep understanding of the holistic industry and commitment to my success have made them an invaluable partner." - Jane Miller, Owner of Holistic Healing Center

  • "The team at Mind Body Digital Marketing is professional, responsive, and knowledgeable. They have helped me navigate the ever-changing digital landscape and achieve remarkable growth in my online presence." - Dr. Jaclyn Rabito, Physical Therapist

These testimonials are just a glimpse of the positive impact we have made on our practitioners' businesses. We are proud to have built long-lasting partnerships and deliver outstanding results in the holistic industry. Contact us today to see how we can help your practice thrive.

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